Everday Diets for Everyday People

These weight loss diets for everyday people recognise that we can all consume different amounts of food and still lose weight.

Based on an average daily intake of around 2000 calories or 8400 kilojoules, these diets allows you to eat a little more or less by listing the calorie and kilojoule value of each food so you can add or remove foods to achieve the intake you want.

The 12 week weight loss diets are designed for those who want to eat a variety of 'normal' foods in their diet, so it contains many of the foods you enjoy and are probably already eating. Because it is based on everyday foods, you're more likely to be able to stick to it.

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Everyday Diets for Everyday People

DIY Weight loss Program

Most of us want to lose weight but many of us don't know where to start. Our Do It Yourself Weight loss Program provides a step by step guide to putting a personalised weight loss program together using the many weight loss resources available on this site.

This DIY weight loss program is easy to do at home and is completely free. Everything you need to plan and implement your very own weight loss program is linked to this page.

So now you know where to start, why not get to it!

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DIY Weight loss Program

Recipe of the Month - Home Made Fish and Chips

Fish is a great diet food if you're trying to lose weight.

This tasty and healthy home made fish and chip recipe can be made with any type of white fleshed fish you like grilled and served with home made chips, seasoned with olive oil and rosemary.

This recipe is Low Salt, Low Saturated Fat and a good source of Protein.

Energy per 100g:

396kJ - 95Cal

Fat per 100g:


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Tuna and Salsa Pinwheels Recipe

Weight Loss Tip of the Month

It's all a matter of time.

Getting healthier and losing weight takes the same thing as anything else worthwhile; time.

Getting fitter and stronger and eating healthier food takes time and effort and plenty of it.

The good news is that after a while doing the right things becomes second nature and it doesn't feel like you are doing anything special at all - you're just living your new life.

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Weight loss Tips

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